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Paul Christian

Paul is our Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Debt Centre Manager. Paul took over this roll from Steve Howe in 2016, Steve has now gone on to do other work with CAP.

Paul was brought up in a family who loved to go to church, and it took some time to realise that this didn't make him a Christian. He made a decision trust God and to ask God to lead his life when he was a teenager but it wasn't until he was older that this faith was put to the test.

After a prolonged period of bullying at work Paul had a breakdown and had to stop working, the career he had worked many years for had come to an end and he and his wife were about to have their third child. The thing that kept Paul going through this time was knowing that, what ever happened, God had a plan and the terrible things that were happening were part of that. Whilst panic often set in and simply going out was a major challenge, his faith and the love of God brought him through that time.

Paul can say that much of what he has done in the past, but especially his experience with depression, has been invaluable in his new role as debt coach and centre manager for CAP

If you are looking for help with managing debt please call CAP on 0800 328 0006 (free from mobile too!).

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