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Matt Woolley

Iím one of the churchwardens at Christ Church. I moved to Cheshire with my wife, Angela in 2000. My roots are in Nottinghamshire, but my family moved to a village in West Sussex when I was five, which is where I grew up with my older sister. After school, I went to Hatfield Polytechnic and then I studied energy management, which is the area I still work in. Iíve worked for three local authorities and I now work for a local housing association.


While living in London in the mid 1990s, I met my wife to be at Haven Green Baptist Church in Ealing where I became a Christian in 1999 Ė the same year that we married. We decided to move away from London, and the job I was offered was in Winsford. After initially going to Hartford church, we moved to Christ Church in 2002, the same year our son Joseph was born.

Christchurch is one big family, there is lots going on, I particularly enjoy the curry and Chinese nights and also the walking. We have recently walked up Snowdon and Helvellyn Ė both on gloriously sunny days. The views really showed Godís creation at itís best.

I have recently taken up running and completed the Winsford 10K but usually I follow football, cricket, athletics, etc from an armchair!

In August 2009, I went to rural Kenya with 20 others from Christchurch and Hartford. We spent the two weeks putting electricity and laptops into a school room and also building brick partitions to make extra bedrooms and decorating the Christian guesthouse where we were staying. An amazing and rewarding experience.

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